Nick Burkwit

Fine Wine & Good Spirits: BYO Re-Brand


The Ask:

Fine Wine & Good Spirits is going up for review. Win back the business and advance the brand.

The Idea:

"Know how BYOB means bring your own bottle? What if we repurposed the phrase and made it about the intangible things you bring with you when you bring a bottle somewhere? We'll position FW&GS as being a merchant of experiences rather than just wines and spirits."

The Execution: 

Through lifestyle imagery and stories of how bottles can be something bigger, we pushed the Fine Wine & Good Spirits brand into new territory - a place where they could own the good times associated with the products they sell.

Proof That You Were Listening

You brought more than a bottle. You brought proof you were listening (and a pretty good way to start a date).

BYO Good Time

You brought more than a bottle. You brought some moves to the dance floor. 

BYO Thank You

You brought more than a bottle. You brought a "thank you" for when words fell short. 


Print ads, OOH, digital, and in-store executions. Some ads pushed brand messaging, others pushed product- all of it aimed to turn the bottles FW&GS sells into something bigger. 



Radio makes up a significant portion of FW&GS yearly media spend. That in mind, the new voice of the brand was an important decision to make and became a lengthy casting process. In the end, I chose a voice that felt like a "storyteller" but also someone that sounded authentic. The talent, at his best, sounds more like a friend telling you a story and less like an announcer.